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9 Benefits of smile for health, & powerful worked

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9 Benefits of smile for health

  • 1. Help to keep the face fresh

Laughter plays an important role in enabling facial muscles and increasing blood circulation. This maintains the freshness on the face.

  • 2. Stay together

stay together People who live together rather than live alone. They laugh thirty percent more. For this, always stay with friends. Make new friends Have a good time with them.

  • 3. Resistance Being happy

helps to strengthen the body’s immune system and fight infections. This protects against various infections. It also has the power to ward off many ailments.

  • 4. Beneficial for the heart

According to a research, 10 minutes of exercise increases the heart rate. One minute of laughter is enough for such a heartbeat.

  • 5. Energy increases

– Keeping smiling has a good effect on the energy level in the body. This energy allows you to focus on work. This method can also increase the quality of work.

  • 6. Suitable for positive living

– Being smiling brings good thoughts to a person’s mind and keeps his behavior positive. Humor is a factor that enhances relationships in close relationships.

  • 7. Stress relief

Laughter helps control the hormone cortisol. No matter how stressful the situation. Try to be happy. It increases the activity of dopamine and growth hormones.

  • 8. Weight control

– Overeating and stress are responsible for weight gain. Being happy does not increase stress. As such, the desire to eat spicy food does not result in weight control.

  • 9. Pain control

– Laughter activates the endorphins in the body, which helps in reducing the pain in various parts of the body. This chemical works like a pain killer.

Benefits of smile,Benefits of smile,

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