Civil engineering information, degree, syllabus, subject,salary, job opportunity, civil work, government job, tender & contractor

Civil engineering information, degree, syllabus, subject,salary, job opportunity, civil work, government job, tender & contractor civil engineering salary
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What is civil engineering….

Civil engineering it is a branch construction related to making building, Road Dam, any development to related to human development…

Civil engineering

Civil engineering degree

12th standard passed out 4 year degree in civil engineering & Civil Engineering Diploma pass out to give 2 second year engineering admission it’s a call direct second year after diploma
Civil Engineering Diploma – after 10th standard pass out… 3 year of diploma

  civil Degree syllabus In  civil engineering

of 8th semester in engineering .. 2 semester are per years in with theory exam, practical exam, oral, tutorial exam, etc… Are including syllabus.

Subject in civil engineering

construction material, mathematics, applied physics, applied chemistry, macanics, basic survey, building drawing, building construction, som, tom,hydrology, public health engineering, irrigation engineering, contract and account, highway engineering, design of rcc, design of steel structure, transportation engineering, advance survey engineering,town planning

Salary of civil engineering

In India basic salery in diploma holder    8k – 25 k & starting salary is low & must be experience.
& degree Holder salary 12k – 45 per month depending upon construction company… Salary
In other country civil engineer very demand… Like oman, dubai, uk, usa etc… & salary be   more than.. India

Civil engineering work

– in site work…  Supervision of site, survey of land, Rcc of structure, road construction, dam & irrigation construction, town planning etc. More opportunity available in civil engineering….. For Private sector

Civil engineering in government job –

more job are available in diploma holder and degree Holder
Opportunity… Are available
1) pwd department
2) irrigation department
3) bmc department
4) town planning
5) survey department
6) engineering services
7) military service
8) municipal corporation
9) other. Department gov. Sector & related to civil engineering sector

Tender & contractorship

–  and contactor ship are  totally in private sector.. mostly available in government project….

    Engineering is very important to life… & engineering is make technical person. The person make to developed country

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