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Best fundamental strong stock


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Stock market very volatile. But investment to good fundamental stock to money can be more than investment.

Stock market

Best fundamental strong stock


Pidilite is top & leader stock in chemical sector. Company products are very demanding in market like.. fevicol, dr.fixit ,fevickik etc. Company is fundamentally strong company Now pidilite stock price near by 1700. Rupees
Pidilite market capitalisation is 87,092 c.r around. & Face value is 1 there stock under in nifty 50 . Pidilite are give consists dividend to stock holders. Pidilite are blue-chip stock to buy to long-term… There are target – 2200 in next 6 months…. To do buy


-relaxo top stock in footwear sector. Second largest company in footwear. Relaxo market cap around 21,245 cr. Relaxo products.. best selling Spark brand… Relaxo are good stock.. & go to long-term hold.. now relaxo price 810 in exchange to do buy….


– now Exide battery Price 188 ruppes in exchange Exide battery 1 largest top companies in battery sector.. Exide industry to work in insurance sector.. company has debt free … & Now electric vehicles. To its can be future multibigger stock…. Please buy to long-term .& Please do not sell this stock.. Exide industry face value 1 . & Exide give regular pay.. dividend to stock holders. It’s a good


Best FMCG sector stock .. like Tata consumer. Now price 600 rupees in exchange . There is more future in indian market. More product are available in market like as eg. Tata slat. Tata consumer can multibigger stock in future please go to long-term buy stock


In india largest demanding products in Varun beverage. & Other country very demanding products. Best stock of beverage industry . & Stock price around 980. products of varun beverage like pepsi , 7-up ,mazza ,mirinda etc. There are no competitors in market.. please buy to long-term stock & hold. Varun beverage net profit are increasing per quarter & balances sheet .


– this stock under nifty 50 index . ITC full form is. Indian tombaco company. ITC is largest manufacturing tambaco & servicing industry & itc also work in FMCG sector . ITC products like , salone, aashirwad aatta , classmates note book, bingo , etc. FMCG products very popular in market . Buy to long-term stock. & Hold ITC give regular dividend to stock holders. ITC can be multibigger stock in future. ITC company debt free & no promoter in company. In lock down itc price around 130/- & now itc 221 ruppes.

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